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Inclusive technology prize

Inclusive technology prize

Inclusive Technology Prize

With just over a week to go until the deadline for entries, we take a look at five of our favorites from the technology section.


A mobile phone app primarily for disabled people to use and obtain an emergency evacuation plan for the building they are in or intend to visit.

Dyslexia inc.

An idea will allow dyslexic and visually impared users to ‘hear’ words which are in a non-electronic format (books, magazines, papers, medicines).

Ella Paper

Ella paper is a paper-like sheet that can be used by visually impaired people to instantly create touch-readable marks, be it letters or drawings. Using a special pen the user can draw or write freely and the trace grows immediately and can be felt by touching it.

Restroom Rater

Restroom Rater is currently helping over 800 early users locate public restrooms, by offering detailed reviews and location information on the nearest clean, safe and accessible facility.

Colour your World

A mobile app that makes it easier for people living with blindness to explore their communities as well as adding colour and depth to their surroundings.

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Still time to enter – closing date Friday 16th of January for the chance to win £50,000!