A New Disability Symbol – Created by Hannah Ensor

I love ‘Really Useful Stuff’ because it is somewhere I can look for helpful things which don’t look like they belong in hospitals. Instead they look like they belong with me – an intelligent, lively, stylish individual. Who just happens to have a disability.

So it is with great pride that I write this blog entry for them. It seems they found my work – my stickman cartoons and products communicating about disability related issues – and liked it.

You see, where I sit, sometimes really useful stuff isn’t a practical solution, but something which gets a message across.

I see the standard disability/accessibility symbol. It tells me where I can park, which entrance to use, which hotels might be suitable….but it always feels slightly….alien.

It is so static. So lifeless. So….dull. It is the image that everyone associates with me and my use of wheels. Is it any wonder that sometimes people underestimate me, or pity me when that is the image society is exposed to so routinely?

So I created my own. One I identify with. One which communicates joy, potential and life. True, I don’t always look like this, but in terms of attitude and my love of life it is accurate. Absolutely accurate. It summarises both my attitude and my business. It now features on almost everything I create.

disability wheelchair symbol

Other people said they loved it, identified with it and wanted to use it too so I’ve converted it into a series of vinyl decal transfer stickers (solid, durable, weatherproof coloured vinyl stickers cut out in the symbols’ exact shape) in different sizes (from 3 cm tall to 10 cm tall) and colours (Black, blue, green, yellow, red, pink, purple and white) which are all available from my website. So far I have stickers on my wheelchair frame and backrest, car, crutches, knee braces, laptop and mobile phone. One customer even bought some for his Kayak.

If you want any of the 3cm tall mini vinyl transfer stickers (were 90p, now only 50p each), be quick! I cannot create any more this size due to manufacturing issues, so they are only available while stocks last.

And next time you see the standard logo, remember: it tells me where to park, it doesn’t tell you about my potential.

Author: Hannah Ensor