A not so funny time for comedian Tanyalee Davis


Tanyalee Davis is a brilliantly funny comedian – Our own Chief of Stuff Kay Allen and our Director Mary-Anne Rankin met Tanyalee a few years ago when Sky sponsored the creation of Abnormally Funny People.

Over the years we have become great friends and watched Tanyalee’s jet setting career really take off.

She travels all over the world making people laugh with her one-woman show. Her experience of trains planes and automobiles and hotels is second to none so she knows all about good access.

This is how she rolls! From Vancouver to London


This is what she posted on Facebook about her visit to a hotel in Milton Keynes


This is my option for getting to my wheelchair accessible room at the Mercure hotel in Milton Keynes.

Without my scooter I can NOT reach door handles to get in or out of room…I can’t get ON the bed without getting on top of a chair. Can’t turn on shower controls. I have to ring front desk to get someone to let me out of the room. Humiliating! So frustrated with this country!

Just because the room is technically classed as ‘accessible’ does NOT mean anyone can use it.

Hotels should post really useful information about their accessible rooms detailing not just the room itself but the route to the hotel and the route to the room. And its usually the detail that is lost like placing the towels on a shelf above the bath! Or putting the kettle in a tray in a drawer that has to be lifted out or the worst – having a mirror high above the dresser so you cant see in it!


To add insult to injury, Tanyalee then needed a taxi – As simple enough request for our intrepid traveller.

She asked reception to book  a cab for her. She said that she needed a taxi with a solid ramp to accommodate her scooter.

Can you believe that the receptionist could not find a taxi firm that takes scooters in Milton Keynes!

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