A spoon for shaky hands


RUS meet with Grant Douglas at Naidex to learn more about why he created S’up

S'up at Naidex

Grant Douglas has no intention of letting cerebral palsy get in his way. He has a degree is computer science and has TWO jobs. He lives independently – however a bowl of soup or cereal can cause a problem!

Spillage and flying soup are not to be recommended!

Grant tried out a whole range of products that are marketed to people with shaky hands but nothing really worked.

As with so many of the creators and inventors on RUS, Grant had a eureka moment and decided what he really needed was a spoon with a lid!

So when Grant was introduced to 4c Design based in Glasgow he convinced them to help. 4c agreed to take on the design and production of the project. They assigned it to Mark, their graduate industrial designer.

Grant said “it was just amazing to see them take my idea seriously”.

Grant worked closely with Mark to design and build a prototype –  Grant said “it was easy to tell that anything with a button was going to be too cumbersome for me to press”.

What Grant really wanted was a spoon to be discreet enough to use in a restaurant without fellow diners staring at the novelty item.

The first prototype was delivered just before Christmas



Before moving to injection molded final product. Grant and the team still had a few things to worry about such as split lines where tooling comes together and how that would affect the use. To get over it they did a small batch of vacuum castings in multiple colours and gave them away for people to try out and review. This was the first food safe set of prototypes they had done.

Grant is quite proud of the difference the spoon has made to people’s lives. Especially with tomato soup.




You can follow Grant on Twitter @supspoon


email grant info@sup-products.com


The team at Really Useful Stuff would like to wish Grant great success with his invention