AbilityNet launches RSI in the workplace survey

Computer screen and keyboard

Robin Christopherson from Ability Net


Having the right workstation is critical in creating a safe and healthy work environment and can have a huge impact on all employees, especially those with a condition such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) according to workplace accessibility experts AbilityNet.

Following the recent RSI International Awareness Day, AbilityNet has launched a survey, ‘Dealing with RSI in the Workplace’ to better understand people’s experiences of RSI at work.

AbilityNet is also holding a free webinar for HR professionals on how technology can be used to support employees with RSI, as well as help to prevent it occurring or worsening by making reasonable adjustments. The webinar is on Tuesday 11 March at 1.00 pm GMT.

Figures from the Health & Safety Executive show that 28.2 million working days are lost due to work-related illness or workplace injury each year and of that, RSI accounts for 3.2 million days lost or an average of 15.9 days absence from work for each person with the condition.

Robin Christopherson, Head of Digital Inclusion at AbilityNet said:

RSI is often caused by poorly designed workstations, badly adjusted (or unadjustable) chairs and the incorrect use of technology.

If not properly handled RSI, also known as ‘work-related upper limb disorders’, can lead to a long-term impairment or even disability, whilst for others it can add to the obstacles they face, because of existing limiting conditions.

The good news is that, with a proper workstation setup, some input from a skilled physiotherapist if required and in some cases an expert assessment to identify the correct equipment and adjustments, the pain, discomfort and time off work which can result from RSI can be avoided.


Photo credit Alex Barker