Accessibility policy

We’re trying to make this site as accessible and usable as we can for everyone.

Your feedback will really help us to do that, so if you spot any problems please send us your comments and we will be in touch.

We will be continuously testing and improving the accessibility and usability of the website.

If you need help getting started online

Getting started with the internet (BBC WebWise)

If you find a keyboard or mouse hard to use

Find out how to make your mouse easier to use (BBC My Web)

Find out how to use your keyboard to control your mouse (BBC My Web)

Find out about alternatives to a keyboard and mouse (BBC My Web)

If you can’t see very well

Learn how to increase the size of the text in your web browser (BBC My Web)

Learn how to change text and background colours to make them easier to read (BBC My Web)

Learn how to magnify your screen (BBC My Web)

If you are blind

Find out about screen readers and talking browsers (BBC My Web)

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