Accessible gardening? Forest has it covered

We live in a world of accessibility – if you want it you can have it, buy it, hire it and find it! But what happens when age and infirmity creep up on us? And what does this mean for the nation’s growing numbers of gardeners? At Forest, we never like to think our gardening days are over and that’s why we have developed some great products to put the ease back into gardening!

Guest Blog. Vicky Nuttall, Head of Marketing at Forest



In fact, we take it so seriously that last year we revolutionised the way that we look at our product offering. What originally started as a project to look at the accessibility of our shed range quickly became something much bigger and shortly after our Accessible Gardening range was born.

We were lucky enough at this time to meet Fred Walden of Fred’s Shed fame. Fred’s been an amazing inspiration to Forest. A wheelchair user himself, Fred’s feedback was invaluable in helping us during our initial development of the range.

Fred also introduced us to the charity Thrive – helping disabled people transform their lives through gardening (the statistics are sobering to say the least – 10 million people in the UK have a disability – that’s 1 in 6!) – and we are now lucky enough to be working in partnership with them to develop and promote our new range. They’ve been with us every step of the way, from the initial drawings, through to the design and testing. And the result? A fantastic collection to meet the physical demands of a whole range of disabled gardeners (and for the record a 2.5 per cent donation from every sale goes direct to them!).

The range includes our very own superhero too!  Our Trough with Cold Frame Planter is designed for wheelchair users as well as those who need to stand. It’s got so much to offer including a removable cold frame and a fold down potting table.

If space is an issue, then we’d recommend our Mini Garden Troughs they are perfect for housing your veg, herbs and flowers and – standing at 45cm and either 1.2m or 1.8m in length – they are ideal for seated or kneeling gardening.