Aerobility. A flying chance

Ever tried taking the controls of an aeroplane?

Aerobility. A flying chance

Guest Blog by Mike Miller-Smith MBE
CEO Aerobility

Flying is the most fun that anyone can have sitting down, and Aerobility makes it possible for anyone to join.

Last year trial flights were enjoyed by over 350 disabled people of all ages with every conceivable disabling condition, from spinal injury, amputation and MS, through to learning and sensory disabilities. Fancy giving it a go!

Flying instructors at aerobility expertly accommodate disability and in almost all cases, once at a safe altitude, anyone can have the opportunity to take the controls – Nothing can beat that feeling.

As you’d expect Aerobility is regulated and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority to provide flight training. Not only physically accessible, but financially accessible too – each 30 minute trial flight costs only £60.

Aerobility offers disabled people, without exception, the opportunity to fly a plane.

From realizing a fantasy to securing a private pilots licence – why not give it a go.

A User Led Organisation, Aerobility is run largely by disabled aviators, for disabled people. Through various fundraising initiatives and careful management strategies we allow disabled people to fly for a fraction of the commercial rate.

Aerobility also provides advice, knowledge and advocacy for disabled people who wish to fly, and is the representative body for disabled aviation within the UK.

The main training aircraft is the Piper Warrior 161, adapted so that people with disabilities can fly it easily.

Where required people can be hoisted into the cockpit, using a specially developed hoisting technique, with electric robotic or manual hoists.

A PA32 Cherokee 6, a larger aircraft with more loading capacity allows larger wheelchairs, power-chairs.

So fancy getting your head in the clouds then Get in Touch with Aerobility