An Announcement from QEF and MERU

QEF and MERU are pleased to announce a FREE loan scheme for the brilliant Bugzi, a powered wheelchair for children aged one to six.

Richard Hammond supporting the Bugzi Appeal

Bugzi offers a unique opportunity for pre-school children with disabilities to experience independent mobility for the first time in their lives.  Parents and therapists may now apply for the first 10 Bugzies from this fantastic scheme at QEF Mobility Services in Carshalton, Surrey.

Bugzi was designed and is manufactured by children’s charity MERU in response to the need for a powered wheelchair suitable for very young disabled children.  Without access to independent mobility young children are denied many important developmental experiences. At this crucial age mobility is about so much more than getting from A to B. It enables many formative experiences  which are essential to early brain development:  learning about cause and effect, spatial awareness, physical co-ordination, choice making, taking care, exploring the environment, and participating in social activities.

The Bugzi Loan Scheme has been made possible by a special fundraising campaign to raise £100,000 to enable MERU to build 20 Bugzies. Richard Hammond launched the campaign in 2011, and over £50,000 has been raised to date, meaning that MERU has been able to build the first 10 Bugzies.

There are ONLY 10 free loans available until more funds can be raised to expand the scheme. The deadline for applying for a FREE Bugzi is 31st March 2013. To qualify, the child must have legal residency in the UK for a minimum of 6 months. Call QEF Mobility Services on 0208 770 1151 for more information and an application form. You can also email: and visit our website on