Arts Coaching

Lynn Cox

A rebel mathematician that loves the Arts

Lynn Cox BSc BA MA MAC. Director at Arts Coaching talks to Really useful Stuff about her new business venture and how it came about. 


Lynn Cox Arts Coaching

Since a young age I had so many people telling me I couldn’t do things because of my poor sight that I suppose I rebelled and took to each new challenge.

I have a degree in Mathematics & Computing, but my passion lies in the Arts. I now have both a BA and MA in Fine Art.

Over the last decade or so I have immersed myself within all art disciplines including theatre, music, dance, visual and performing arts.

My art is informed, but not dominated, by my visual impairment. In fact the art is intrinsic to my work as a Creative Life Coach, Mentor, Access Consultant and Equality/Awareness Trainer. Likewise, these other aspects of my career feed back into my art.

I’m an also accredited coach, so I suppose I practice what I teach. I build resilience into my everyday life.

For example two 40 minute massages a month will prevent about three days worth of migraines, so it is a real no brainer to offset the cost of the masseur with the cost of three days earnings. Likewise, I tend to think positively and be as altruistic as possible, by helping others I feel good, so I help as many people as I can.

I believe that I’ve always been sensitive to people’s needs and intuitively known how I can assist them. I’m a natural observer.  I have a very strong empathy quotient and can easily put myself into other people’s shoes, which is a great skill!

However, I do believe that I’ve got even better at understanding people since I undertook a coaching course with the Cultural Leadership Programme

At the time it seemed to be the natural progression for my career as I was enjoying my work as a mentor for disabled artists more than making my own work.

So now I have a number of techniques that assist people to identify goals and actions and I work with everyone from CEO’s of arts organisation’s to students both in the UK and abroad (via telephone and Skype).

I do strongly agree with the statement that Believing plus Behaviour equals Becoming.

All of my work, in the various areas, is assisting people to become who they want to be. I’m also becoming the person I want to be, so I’m trying to live a congruent life as authentically as I can.

It was  a simple step for me to combine my love of Art and Coaching. I have now turned all this experience and passion into a new business with my Arts Coaching.

Using all of my skills combined I developed my idea for Tactile Drawing Packs

I’ve created Tactile Drawing Packs from working with adults and children with visually impairments. Although I’ve discovered that they are suitable for most people who want to create a drawing in a unique way

 Why did I invent them?

I felt that by just leading art workshops that I wasn’t getting to enough people and giving them the opportunity to make tactile work. So I decided to produce Tactile Drawing Packs that you can do at home!

The Luxury Tactile Drawing Pack is excellent for gift as it includes sparkling and satiny yarns and a felt sheets as well as paper and a large eyed sewing needle.

My visual Impairment has allowed me to create these Tactile Drawing Packs and other services and products, including coaching and Braille Business Cards, because I have the greatest of insights to what having ever decreasing vision is like and how to adapt and keep an excellent quality of life.

I have now launched my Arts Coaching Product Range on Really Useful Stuff so that more people can explore the creative arts.