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Do you believe there could be something that could change a person’s life for the better… but it just hasn’t been invented yet?

Shout out for Studio Lambert

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Britain is a nation of entrepreneurs. At Really Useful Stuff we work with some great small businesses who have had a great idea and have taken their idea to market to help other people.

For example:

Catherine Bland broke her leg and was frustrated by trying to use crutches and carry her coffee at the same time. Having failed to find a solution she invented The Hopper sorted out production and is now selling her invention.

My OwnFone uses technology stripped back to its simplest form to help people stay connected.

Inventor Chris Peacock has invented the handSteady with a rotatable handle, which uses gravity to keep the cup upright. Great for people with a hand tremor.

Technology can play a crucial part of opening up access for disabled people. RUS recently featured a blog on Microsoft’s 3D audio technology that can give blind people real time information to help them navigate cities.

Do you have an idea but need some help to get your idea into production?

Studio Lambert- a TV production company founded by Stephen Lambert, creator of Secret Millionaire and Undercover Boss – is working with a terrestrial UK broadcaster to harness the power of creative science and technology to change peoples’ lives for the better.

In the programme, their team of expert engineers and designers will create bespoke inventions to transform peoples’ lives for the better.

Shout Out – Get Involved

Studio Lambert would like to reach out to disabled people to offer them the opportunity to get involved.

They would like to speak to people who think they could benefit from the help of their expert team.

Does someone close to you have a disability or a chronic health condition?

Or are you friends with a person whose life could be vastly improved?

Do you believe there could be something that could change that person’s life for the better… but it just hasn’t been invented yet?

At this stage Studio Lambert are looking to do some non-broadcast filming, with a view to producing a full series in the near future.

They want to know about people whose lives could be made easier with a tailor-made invention made by a brilliant team of engineers, scientists and designers.

If you know somebody who could benefit from their expertise, please get in touch with the Big Life Fix team to find out more. or give the friendly team a call on 020 3040 6809.

The best ideas come from the lived experience – so why not get involved?

About Studio Lambert

Studio Lambert is a fast-growing independent television production based in Soho, London. It is part of All3Media, the global production group.
More information about All3Media.

Studio Lambert was launched in March 2008 by Stephen Lambert, creator of successful global formats including Wife Swap, Undercover Boss, Faking It and Secret Millionaire. Six months later the company opened a US office and over the following four years the business grew rapidly on both sides of the Atlantic.

In December 2012, All3Media announced the launch of All3Media America (All3A) with Lambert as its chairman and Eli Holzman, the former president of Studio Lambert USA, as its president. At the same time, Studio Lambert was fully acquired by All3Media and Studio Lambert USA ceased to exist as a separate company.  Studio Lambert became one of the many All3Media companies whose US programming is produced by All3A.


Lambert divides his time between Studio Lambert in the UK and All3Media America in Los Angeles.


Studio Lambert formats and finished programs are distributed internationally by All3Media International.