cSeeker language support


cSeeker language support is a new online service for Deaf people and Language Service Professionals

Created by two Deaf brothers, Guy and Alex Orlov, cSeeker language support is their shared vision of an alternative solution for Deaf/Hard of Hearing (HoH) people seeking language communication support in everyday situations.

The brothers had both experienced the usual frustration of trying to book suitable language support for everything from doctor’s appointments to business meetings and conferences.

Brothers Alex and Guy Orlov founders of cSeeker language support

Brothers Alex and Guy Orlov founders of cSeeker language support

They recognised the need for an easy way to find the right communication support at any time across the UK.

And that’s how cSeeker language support began.

An innovative new website, cSeeker acts as the link between Deaf and HoH people and Language Communication Support Professionals.

Need to find a Lipspeaker in your area for first thing on a Monday? This site will help you find who is available, what they charge and share reviews from other Deaf and HoH people.

How cSeeker works


Search for available Language Service Professionals (LSP) by choosing the type of communication service, the location (city or postcode) and the date and times the communication support is required for. Click ‘find your support’ to view all matching results


Matching results are displayed either as a list or on the map. You can further narrow the results by distance, availability and cost using the ’Narrow results’ filter on the left. Select a suitable Language Service Professional and click book to manage your booking.

Review and approve

Fill in all the requested details including how you would like to receive your booking confirmation and click ’make the booking’ to finalise your booking. You will shortly receive confirmation of your booking (via mobile/email) once your request has been approved by your chosen Language Service Professional. You should receive a confirmation within three hours or your booking request will expire.


Meet your Language Service Professional (LSP) at the appointed time and start communicating! At the end of the appointment, the LSP will provide an invoice for their work. Remember to write your feedback of your LSP service on cSeeker afterwards.

cSeeker’s mission is to empower Deaf/HoH people by providing a straightforward service to enable them to arrange their own language support according to their needs: independently, quickly and accessibly.

The service offers free subscription plans for Deaf people (or their personal assistants, Social Workers, NHS staff members) as well as the NRCPD and ANP registered Language Service Professionals.

And you are also welcome to use the website if you are a hearing small-business owner who is looking for a BSL interpreter to help with Deaf customers

For any queries, you are welcome to email us onto alex.orlov@cseeker.co.uk