Dementia Patients need creative caring

Dementia memory box

Creative interactive resources and activities as a visual aid help dementia patients identify, express and communicate their needs.

Guest Blog

Gillian Hesketh. Founder at Happy Days Publishing

I am passionate about creative interactive resources and activities and how they can help dementia patients identify, express and communicate their needs, wants and wishes in order to gain a more positive sense of self and greater sense of well-being.

How I got started on this journey.

Studying for a degree in English Literature and Linguistics and an MA in Creative Writing, I recognised the connection between writing and expressing emotion and how this may benefit people in the on-going-ness of life.

Happy Days Interactive Activity Pages are based on my studies: Language and Power – Speech and Thought – Memory and Reminiscence; recalling past events and experiences to aid thought processes, prompt conversation and expression; instigate interaction and activity and positive outcomes.

That’s why we have created our Dementia Workshop 

Happy Days Themed Memory Boxes are ideal to help people reminisce and participate in an activity. Physical and visual objects can help to prompt memory and stimulate interaction.

Share and enjoy moments with the person you care for.

How do our products work?

Happy Days nostalgic spaces and materials prompt reminiscence and stories to share and enjoy. Social areas, lounges, dining rooms, activity rooms, laundry, hairdresser, gentleman’s club – ie snooker room – private rooms or individual pieces.

Display units, wall art and memory baskets can be designed for your care home or day centre, are cost effective and can accommodate all budgets.

Exploration of behaviour theories and therapies, case-studies, social and emotional issues and continued research of all subject matter are at the core of Happy Days – Shared Journeys. Passionate about bringing resources to benefit others, I relish in language change, metaphor, themed texture and colour which I use as a platform to face social, personal, contemporary and sensitive issues in a colourful, easy-to-use and enjoyable format.


“Your package arrived safely and beautifully put together. Thanks for all your effort and patience regarding our demands. Your delivery was extremely well organised, especially all the plans; the material was overwhelming and we are 150% satisfied. It was joyful to look at all the wall art and displays you put together for us and the homes are beginning to look more like a dementia care homes”. Ines Kirby, Head of Dementia Care, Deputy CEO, Borough Care, Stockport


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