Desktop magnifying lamp – A really easy way to read the pesky small print

What’s the issue?

Did you know there are over 2 million people in the UK living with sight loss. Many of these people are simply getting older and finding that their eyes are not as strong as they once were – and that they need extra help with the small print.

And yet small print follows us everywhere. Take food-cooking instructions on the back of prepared food. Ready meals are a great support to older people living on their own but reading the small print instructions can be impossible.

Edward Marcus want to revolutionize the way older people can retain their independence by helping with a great range of vision aid products.

Take the desktop magnifying light


This is a superb quality desktop lamp with a magnifier.

It has a high clarity glass lens with great magnification strength.

There is a cover for the lens, which means the magnifier is discrete as well as being protected from dust.

The lid can be lifted when a little extra help is need – the rest of the time this a stylish lamp which great natural light.

What does it aim to do?

By having the lamp in the kitchen it means that food cooking instructions can be held under the light and magnified so they actually become readable.

So don’t let relatives struggle – make their life a little easier today with this great light.



magnifying lamp


In a nutshell?

Vision aids come in all shapes and sizes but having these great products placed sensitively around the home can help anyone with a sight loss to decide what to read for themselves.

By having a sensible compact magnifier in your handbag or pocket of course means one can read the all important wine label when in the supermarket!

This is a must have product for anyone with elderly family members. Check out the great range from Edward Marcus today.