Disabled Access Day


Get out and About and enjoy Disabled Access Day

Promotion from The RUS team

Disabled Access Day is all about getting out and visiting a new venue that you have never been to before, whether a cinema, coffee shop or anywhere that takes your fancy.

This is the very first Disabled Access Day – so please get involved and start a new tradition

Who is behind it?

Disabled Access Day is a group of disabled people and family and friends in Scotland. Amongst us are the Euan’s Guide team who we are pleased to have sponsoring the event.

You can get involved on Twitter @Access_Day  join in #AccessDay

There are several different ways you can be involved:

  • Tell your own members / supporters about us.
  • Organise a group outing to visit somewhere new.
  • Open up your own facilities to disabled people.
  • Offer activities that participants can try for the first time.

Email the team: takepart@disabledaccessday.com.

All sorts of organisations are backing today

  • Caffè Nero – enjoy a complimentary hand crafted coffee in Caffè Nero!
  • Visits Unlimited – Entry the Disabled Access Day photography competition for a chance to win a Panasonic Lumix LZ40 Camera worth over £200.
  • Barclays Branches – Selected Barclays branches around the UK will be demonstrating their accessible services, from ‘high vis’ debit cards to Talking ATMs and more!


What if you can’t access the place you want to visit?

If you are out and about and you do spot an access barrier in a small local business maybe we can help.

For example we sell these simple customer care packs that contain all sorts of stuff that can offer that extra bit of help. Such as a magnifier glass or an easy grip pen. You could always suggest to a business owner that they keep on handy.Customer Access Packs


Many small businesses might have a step that is enough to cause a problem for a wheelchair user. The cost of building a permanent ramp might be difficult or not possible because of the access. How about these cos effective small ramps that might be able to help.