Does life costs more if you are disabled?

Extra Costs

On average, disabled people and their families spend £550 a month on disability-related costs.

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Kay Allen OBE. Extra Cost Commission 

There are extra living costs that are incurred as a direct result of having a disability. These extra costs manifest themselves in a number of ways, from higher transport costs to go to work, to the cost of an electric wheelchair; from higher energy costs to more costly insurance products.

Led by Robin Hindle Fisher, Scope are running a year-long Commission to identify the extra costs disabled people face and develop solutions for driving these down.

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As part of this process, we are seeking evidence from disabled people and their families on the extra costs they face in connection with their disability. We are also calling for evidence from experts with knowledge of extra costs related to disability and ideas for tackling these.

Does life costs more if you are disabled?

There are 2 ways we need your help to find out.

Do you have a personal story about extra costs?

We would like to hear about your personal experiences of disability-related extra costs.

Perhaps you have to buy some things that non-disabled people or parents with non disabled children do not have to, like medication, specialist equipment or toys?

Do you ever buy specialist products that seem more expensive than they need to be?

Maybe you have to buy more of things or use more of things because of your disability, like clothing or heating?

Do you have to buy more expensive versions of things?

Do you find it difficult to take advantage of cheap deals that non-disabled people and their families can use, like theatre tickets?

Are you sometimes charged more for something just because you are disabled, such as insurance?

Tell us your story on our Submission form


Do you have evidence about the extra costs that disabled people and their families face?

We are keen to hear from you if you have evidence of what could be driving up extra costs for disabled people, along with solutions for driving these down.

Please submit formal evidence to the Commission using our online form.

Share your evidence with the Extra Cost Commission Submission form for evidence

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on 26 September 2014.