Dyslexia Awareness Week

DyslexiaLast week was #Dyslexia Awareness Week and our Twitter and Facebook streams were very much alive with news and updates throughout the week.

The theme for this year’s Dyslexia Awareness Week was Beyond Words. The week’s aim was to highlight the other difficulties that dyslexic people face – it’s not just about difficulty with reading, spelling and/or maths. People with dyslexia struggle on a day-to-day basis with trying to organise themselves; partly due to memory problems that result from continually needing to stay focused. Awareness is so important because Dyslexia also brings a lot of strengths as well and it is important that people understand this.

Over the week Really Useful Stuff have been trying to make those with dyslexia aware there is huge range of little known ‘stuff’ that can ‘really’ help. We heard earlier in the week from Bob Hext of Crossbow Education about visual stress and dyslexia and about an amazing range of products that can make life easier.

Let’s hope that this ‘awareness’ doesn’t stop here but it a gathering force. Please let us know if you have any suggestions of anything else so we can share it with others.

In the meantime… check out the ‘really useful stuff’ we’ve found already.