Easy carry drinks tray


Muggi – The unique tray you never knew you needed, until now

Guest Post by Dave ‘Trotski’ Trotter

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I invented the Muggi after a weekend sailing on a rough sea. We needed a solution to keep the mugs safe when not in use and something to help carry the mugs full of tea.

So I set about designing a prototype Muggi just because I have always loved just making stuff.

The idea is that Muggi is a unique and innovative tray that enables up to four mugs or glasses to be carried safely. Muggi is manufactured in the UK from lightweight but super tough plastic and is available in four colours purple, blue, grey or red.

It will catch any unwanted spillages and it also features four non-slip rubber feet, finger and thumb holds to make it easy to carry for young or old hands. It is the only product of its type currently available in the world.

The original Muggi was designed to combat breakages and spillages on-board boats and yachts, however it soon became clear to me that it provided a safe haven for carrying hot drinks in just about any environment.

An increasing number of care workers and their patients are starting to find Muggi invaluable in their daily lives. Wheelchair users are also discovering the huge benefits of Muggi.

Motor home and Caravan owners are increasingly using Muggi whilst on the move and at their final destination sites. Both sailors and inland waterway narrow boat owners are benefiting from the unique features of Muggi and last but not least many offices and factories are using muggi to protect their staff from hot drink spillages and burns; but at the same time protecting their carpets, floors and computers from drink spills!

Manufacturing in the UK gives us more flexibility, more control, shorter order cycles, allowing for smaller run quantities – equalling better cash flow, better quality control and higher customer satisfaction!

Muggi – The science bit!

  • muggi is designed and manufactured in the UK from a lightweight but super tough Polypropylene.
  • It is available in a range of colours including Blue, Red, Grey and Purple.
  • It securely holds most shapes and sizes of mugs, cups and wine bottles and will catch any unwanted spillages, BUT it also features four non-slip rubber feet, finger and thumb holds!
  • We can produce muggi in virtually any colour for orders over 1000 units, please call to discuss details.


  • Width 200mm
  • Depth 200mm
  • Height 70mm
  • Each cup holder diameter 89mm

Sold in boxes of 50 units per colour

  • Width 420mm
  • Depth 320mm
  • Length 1000mm
  • 450 units on a pallet (9 boxes)
  • Weight of a box approx. 16 kg

Pricing and delivery

  • RRP £9.95 incl. VAT (£8.29 ex VAT)
  • Trade prices available on request
  • Discounts are available for bulk orders, please call to discuss.


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