Easy Move Sheets make life easier

A great small British business making life easier.

Difficulty turning, moving and re-positioning in bed?

There are many causes of low mobility in bed. Medical conditions such as: Parkinsons, Arthritis, Motor Neurone, Stroke and other situations  – like joint replacement and post operative recovery.

This fab small business has designed a new type of sheet made from different materials along the sheet – there is a nice twill weave at the foot end of the sheet to help with gripping when moving and a smooth bit in the middle to help with turning over.

They have a range of three simple, yet effective solutions for you.

The Easy Slide, the Easy Turn and Secure Sit & Slide Sheets.


See what customers have to say

“I am so pleased with these sheets. They are excellent quality and well made. My husband has Parkinson’s Disease and these satin type sheets assist him in moving in bed. I have joint problems in my hands and previous fitted ones I have bought I have been unable to pull over the mattress properly, these now fit on with ease and stay in place too. Excellent”. Mrs P.S

“Very pleased with the Easy Turn sheets, which arrived quickly. The textured section of sheet at the foot of the bed, allowing for easier turning, also prevents the duvet from sliding on to the floor, which it did with the plain satin sheets”. Mrs  S.S

“Excellent service as always. The Secure Sit and Slide Fitted sheets have made things so much easier for my husband who has Parkinson’s Disease. The non-slip surround means he can sit on the edge of the bed safely while dressing. The satin centre makes it easier to move in bed. Much better than the all satin sheets we were using previously”. J.W.

And if you are going on holiday you can take an Easy Move Sheet with you which fits a range of bed sizes.

See this great range of sheets on the RUS shop