Elegant bag for a walking aid

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Believe in the power of design to bring about change

Guest Post Written by Tamar schmidek, product designer / ‘Luma – Design for respect‘.


luma design


It’s no secret that the world’s population is getting older, aging 5 hours a day to be exact.

It feels like systems and programs are starting to adjust to the needs of an aging society, but where are we from a product point of view?

In the 21st century, the objects we choose to use tell a story about us. The products we buy and the way they look help define us or express how we would like to be seen – whether we are sophisticated, creative, daring or have traditional individuals.

Cutting edge technology allows much emphasis to be given to form, producing dynamic surfaces and unique or outstanding shapes.

Yet we must continue developing products with the user in mind – meticulously rethinking the user scenario just to make people feel like we understand, perfectly placing the details just to make you smile.

Such sensitive design allows not only creating “valuables” through design, but putting “values” in what we create.

As a product designer, I believe in the power of design to bring change and at Luma we chose to focus on elderly users. We put our thoughts and actions where our heart is and create good looking and practical solutions where they are truly needed.

We believe designing good looking and practical solutions for our elders is a step in communicating to our parents and grandparents that we care.

Showing we understand their need to use an enabling product with pride and that in every age group you have the right to feel good about the appearance of your everyday objects. Yes! At Luma we aspire to make sexy looking products for the elderly!

After talking to many older people about their needs and wants, we started to design a unique solution to an everyday problem – the need to carry things while using a walking aid. The solution we came up with was a unique bag. The bag was developed in collaboration with the users and can be attached and used with great comfort, while maintaining an elegant appearance.

Our next solutions will attend to communication needs and bathing hazards, so stay tuned for more progress.

Our first product is a must have bag for anyone with family members using a walker. 

We have just joined as a new supplier and you can now buy our Luma bags on RUS



Written by Tamar schmidek, product designer / ‘Luma – Design for respect’.