Fascinating Video of “Life Changing” Product for Essential Tremor

500,000 people in the UK suffer from Essential Tremor, which is a common but often overlooked and often mis-understood health condition.

Tremor makes holding and controlling a cup difficult. It can result in spillages, burns, scolds, self-consciousness and lack of independence.

Fortunately, there’s hope. A new drinking aid with a rotatable handle and lid called handSteady has been invented by physics graduate, Chris Peacock (35, Cambridge).

The specialised handle enables people with Essential Tremor to hold the handle at 90 degrees. In this position tremor can be minimal.

Peacock has just published a video of Jackie Farrell demonstrating handSteady drinking aid with a rotatable handle and lid.

Jackie has had Essential Tremor for 39 years, and shows how handSteady remains steady in mid-air, and compares this with a normal cup.

You can buy the handSteady mug  from our Really Useful Stuff shop here.

For further information on Essential Tremor visit: www.tremor.org.uk

The Really Useful Stuff Team would like to thank Chris Peacock for writing this informative blog for RUS.