Flexyfoot’s design is young and funky

Read how Flexyfoot can help with stability and shoulder pain from David Rawlins.

David Rawlins


Andover’s David Rawlins was just your average 21 year old; a fit and active young, life-loving guy, when his role as a British Army Vehicle Mechanic saw him posted to Afghanistan.

An accident saw David trapped underneath the 7.5 tonne vehicle which injured him quite badly.

David said, “As it turned out, I’d damaged my right hip quite significantly; the ball had punched  through the socket and I needed a bone graft. Despite the graft, further scans showed that the nerves around my hip joint had died off, meaning the primary muscle needed to utilise my leg for walking and mobility was severely compromised and, unfortunately, would likely deteriorate further over time”.

RUS is making connections!

RUS featured Aerobility in last weeks blog. They have a fully adapted aircraft to allow people with a whole range of disabilities to experience flying. RUS is also getting a bit familiar with Help for Heroes and Battle Back through our regular guest blogger Martyn Gibbons

David discovered the ‘Battle Back’ arm of the ‘Help for Heroes’ charity via Headley Court whilst on medical sick leave. They provide opportunities and funding for ex-servicemen to get back into work and help them back into life. David grasped the opportunity to train to be a pilot.

David started at Aerobility where he trained and volunteered until 2012 and is now a qualified licensed private pilot working for Gama Aviation. RUS loves seeing all these great connections.

A chance encounter with Flexyfoot

David said, “when I was at the Mobility Roadshow in Peterborough, I came across Flexyfoot and thought ‘why isn’t everyone using these?!’. It’s really helped with my mobility and keeping me active, particularly the stability and huge reduction of pain through my shoulder. Previously, after a long day on my feet, I’d need to ice my shoulder through the evening. That’s never a problem now with Flexyfoot.

“Generally, standard NHS sticks are perceived as being for old people and as a twenty-something year old, it was never for me. Flexyfoot’s design is young and funky. Like your’s truly, obviously…”

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“It’s a life-changer and has done wonders for my confidence, especially when walking into a shop out of the rain, it grips perfectly. I can walk up grassy slopes and have absolute trust that it will hold out, while other people are digging their sticks into the ground and yanking themselves up hills! I’m always getting stopped by people to ask where it’s from”.

 “I’m still on my journey but my experience has definitely given me a different outlook on life. I’m hoping I can train as in instructor to teach people with disabilities how to fly. Ideally, I’d volunteer to do this in between flying commercial airlines, which I hope will be the next step for me in terms of piloting”.

For more information see: Flexyfoot on the RUS shop

For more information on Aerobility see: www.aerobility.com