From the Invictus Games to Military Mountain Bikers

Military Mountain Bikes

Now the dust has settled from the Invictus Games and I have managed to catch my breath, my focus is now switching to push forward with Military Mountain Bikers (MMB).

Military Mountain Bikes

We still have lots to catch up on from meeting other organisations at the Invictus Games.


Military Mountain Bikers

I am learning that launching my new venture is as much about networking as it is paper work.

On Sunday I went along to Manchester to the Labour Party Conference with ABF The Soldiers Charity. I got to meet Vernon Coaker MP. Shadow Defence Minister and tell him a little about our ambitions at MMB.

The Invictus Games provided some great opportunities to meet some really influential people like the Global Marketing Director at Jaguar Land Rover who were such fantastic sponsors of the event. Hoping to get a few tips on how to improve our marketing!

I am on a mission now to secure some sponsorship and kit to put MMB in strong position to help secure our sustainable growth.

We have already had a guy up to shadow us for the week and improve his skills on the trail. We have our newest team member in place now and have been getting him out on the bike to familiarise him with the local area.

Gregg is busy getting his head around the social media side of things with the great support we are receiving from Grant Media via Really Useful Stuff. His intentions are to get me up to speed with it, I wish him luck with that!

It is great to have this small team together now and once we have caught up with everything we are looking forward to getting people out on the trails to have some fun.


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