Gardening tools made easy

Garden Press Event

Gardening a great British obsession made easy with a few tool tips

By Team RUS

Really Useful Stuff was at the Garden Press Event on 12th February as it celebrated its 10th Anniversary.

RUS at the Graden Press Event

The event is the only one of its kind, which is specific for the industry to showcase the latest products and stories exclusively to the key names in the garden and press and media.

The event started the night before with an anniversary dinner where the excellent Peter Seabrook regaled the audience with hilarious anecdotes from his career.

The event also raised money for Greenfingers Charity

Greenfingers is a small national charity dedicated to supporting the children who use hospices around the UK, along with their families, by creating inspiring gardens for them to relax in and enjoy. The charity is dedicated to creating beautiful, well-designed outdoor spaces for children to enjoy with family, friends and siblings, whether through play and fun, or therapeutic rest and relaxation. To date Greenfingers has created 44 inspiring gardens in hospices around the country, and has a further waiting list of hospices that need help. The 27th March will be Garden Re-Leaf Day where the craze will be all about the Glovie!! where can you be photographed in your Greenfingers gloves?? Join in on Twitter and Facebook


Why did RUS get its green fingers on?

Really Useful Stuff went along to engage mainstream gardening journalists in the idea of accessible gardening and easy to use tools.

We were joined by Mr Gripeeze and ‘Mrs Hopper’ – these are two brilliant suppliers to RUS that have Invented two amazing products that make life a little easier.

The Hopper is a brilliant idea for a carry aid – which is, of course, really useful for any gardener.

The Gripeeze is a unique idea to help anyone whose grip is weakened. Its unique Velcro strap gently but firmly holds a grip in place. Everyone who tried in said ‘wow’ that’s so simply but so effective.

Gripeeze and Hoper

Gardening tools made easy

The idea was to inspire journalist to write a story on how gardening could be made accessible to anyone who loved gardening but now finds it a little troublesome to actually actively do.

We had some amazing ideas to share:

For anyone who has maybe had a stroke or has lost strength in one arm these One Handed Shears are just the job. We even have shears that have a handy side bag that collects trimmings as you go so you can minimise bending down to pick up the garden waste. Everything exists from long handled equipment to ergonomically designed gripping handles. There is no need to struggle with garden tasks when there are gardening tools made easy. We also have highly visible tools in bright yellow so you can see the stuff you need in the garden.

There are hoses that recoil and don’t get twisted to kneelers that have steady hand rails – there is a tool to help.

And how about a garden Robot?

We also met some new great people with amazing new ideas. Bo Simonsen showed us Robomow ! a robot that comes with its own smartphone app and can mow the lawn. Simply map your garden, set the programme and off it goes. Now that is really useful.

So gardening can be really accessible from garden design to gardening tools made easy. Check out the blog on Gardening for the senses from the brilliant Garden Press Team.

Check out the gardening section on RUS for lots of great ideas

And of course…. Thank you to Guy Burtenshaw and Sue O’Neill for a brilliant event.