Guest Blog by Glynis Allen (AMBDA, PATOSS) – Our Really Useful Dyslexia Specialist

Glynis AllenDyslexia is simply a difference in the way the brain works – a difference that will be present throughout your life affecting language processing skills.

Hi my name is Glynis Allen and I am a specialist teacher. I will be writing a new monthly blog for Really Useful Stuff providing some useful tips on managing dyslexia.

I spend most of my happy and ever so satisfying time helping both children and adults with dyslexia.

Here is the technical bit…

Dyslexia is based on two Greek words, ‘dys’ meaning difficulty and ‘lexia’ meaning with words.

You may also come across phrases that it exists on a ‘spectrum’. This simply means its impact can range from being quite mild to quite acute.

Estimates suggest Dyslexia affects at least 10% of the UK population, 4 % quite severely. Yet there are plenty of professionals and well known people with dyslexia utilising a combination of strategies and routines to help attain their own high standards.

But watch out for some popular misconceptions regarding dyslexia and here is what dyslexa isn’t – stupidity or laziness. There is now so much exciting research about dyslexia and its causes. Some researchers claim people with dyslexia use different parts of their brain and that it also runs in families. But whatever its causes, dyslexia should never prevent you from achieving your goals or your dreams.

But I’m guessing that you are now looking for some straightforward but practical and positive advice on the subject?

Maybe you have growing concerns that your child is dyslexic – or perhaps even yourself? Or maybe you just want a better understanding of dyslexia?

I am passionate about empowering people to reach their true potential and how individuals with dyslexia learn best, this includes providing knowledge, skills and confidence but perhaps more importantly, overcoming feelings of self-doubt when it comes to literacy matters.

Here on RUS I will be providing information on the latest technology such as Nuance software, solutions and resources – coloured overlays that can help alleviate visual stress, specialist paper, pens, pencils and writing aids such as a writing slope to enable work to be produced at the optimum angle; all that can benefit people in everyday life realise and work with their own preferred thinking style.

Each month I will be featuring a coping strategy and some useful tips to help manage dyslexia.

I hope that you will enjoy these blogs on RUS and that they will guide you confidently forward.

Yours truly


The Really Useful Stuff team would like to thank Glynis for writing this guest blog for us and welcome on board as our Dyslexia Specialist.

Over the coming weeks we will be sourcing Dyslexia related products which can which can make life easier. Make sure you keep an eye on our shop.