Homes fit for life


From simple to ingenious, gadgets can really help with independence. Making your home fit for life.

We all pass through seasons of our life with different needs at different times.

Your home remains your haven – a place where you should be safe. But did you know it’s also the place where most accidents happen. Children and elderly people, as you would expect, are most at risk from an accident in the home.

Many elderly people, including my mum, are not familiar with Technology and how it can assist daily healthy living. However, for me living and working away from my mother, measures that can help me understand her care needs have been a godsend

I have listed a few of the gadgets that I have purchased to help her live well in her own home – aged 90!

Bath thermomiter

To prevent scalding you can get simple bath thermometers that warn if the water is too hot.

Mum tends to start a task and then become distracted. Prevent flooding from a sink with a safe bath plug that drains excess water over a certain level to prevent flooding.

Day clock

Making it easy to know what day it is has really helped mum to keep a structure in her life – knowing what day it is is so important.

Having a key safe outside her door became important as she started to lose her hearing. She couldn’t hear so well when people knocked at the door to let people in. Having a key safe means essential people can gain access.

As mum has become a little more frail so her confidence has declined. Having a good door viewer has helped. It helps minimise the threat from bogus callers.

Door alarm

There is personal judgement call to be made so that you are not intruding however having senors around the home that can relay information can be an early alert system that something is wrong.

Using Canary Care You can monitor if a relative is up and about as you would expect using sensors to relay information to your smart phone – such as if they have put the kettle on to make a drink.

Bogus telephone calls also started to bother my mum. Using system such as TrueCall you can easily screen calls to protect your relative

There are safe walking devices to make sure elderly relatives have not got lost. Mini tracking devices can be used, setting up alerts if a safe zone is left.

The worlds population is ageing and we will have to turn to technology more and more to help people live well for longer in their own homes.

Using Technology to detect health changes,

The impact of how technology can help is going even further. Fujitsu Limited have announced that they have developed a technology that uses sensors, embedded in smart houses and worn by patients, for the early detection of changes in motor functions that might otherwise go unnoticed. These changes can be early warning signs of ill health prompting earlier intervention

Whatever your care need. Think about what the problem is and there is likely to be a simple cost effective solution that will help keep your elderly relative safe and independent for longer.