I sometimes pretend to be normal … but that just gets boring! It’s better being me


There is a bit of ‘I don’t want to be normal’ thing going on with the RUS crowd

Francesca MartinezI have just finished reading a brilliant book by Francesca Martinez called ‘What the **** is Normal?

Francesca shared her very personal journey highlighting the bizarre perceptions of other people about what is normal.

It’s a lesson to us all that human difference is what makes the human race brilliant.

Why are you pretending to be normal?

why are you pretending to be normal
Written by Dr Phil Friend OBE and Dave Rees provides ideas and tips on how disabled people can stop coping and start managing their lives.



Secrets and Big News

Secrets and big newsThis book is an engaging read about the subject of ‘declaration’ and ‘disclosure’ of disability at work. 55 employers and 2,500 disabled people took part. Read about the 15 Big Ideas to try at work in order to be yourself and get ahead.

So what is normal?

Many years ago I was in the audience at a gig with Francesca who boldly asked me what I could not do! Well I can’t sing. I cannot hold a note for love nor money, totally tone deaf. She asked how I survived and did I get a lot of sympathy because I was burdened with not being able to sing. (Note to self: never sit in the front row at a comedy gig!)

On Saturday I was at Warrington Disability Awareness Day. On stage was a young man called Martin Temper who sang his heart out with an incredible voice. Martin has autism with limited verbal communication. He has heaps more talent than I could ever dream of having. So who is the more normal singer me or Martin?

Differently Able


I bumped into Hannah Ensor who also had a stand at Warrington promoting her brilliant ‘Differently Able’ stick man drawings Stickman Communications.

I love Hannah’s simple interpretation to jazz up the boring wheelchair symbol.

We met some awesome people at Warrington and I am pleased to say no one pretended to be normal.