Inconvenient Design vs Inclusive Design


Inclusive design is a winning security measure

Product Post courtesy of ICU Optiviewer


As a long-term wheelchair user, I know how inconvenient the traditional door peephole design can be. The simple truth is that I just can’t use them.

The usual peephole that you have in domestic settings, or in hotel rooms, require the user to be able to place their eye close to the door. As the peephole is usually located in the top third of the door, designed for standard height adult use only, there is no way I can reach from my wheelchair. Inclusive design is nowhere to be seen.

Not only am I forced to contend with the typically ablist concept of the swing door, which usually opens inwards and can be a real palaver with my wheelchair getting in the way, and scrabbling with the door handle etc, I also have always had to hope for the best on the other side of the door.

But what if the other side of the door is an intruder waiting to pounce? What if it’s someone I just don’t want to open the door to? I think I deserve the same opportunity to defend myself against attack, or unwelcome visitors, as the able-bodied.

That’s why I am so glad that I discovered the Optiviewer from ICU. Like a traditional peephole the user can see who is outside the door without that person being able to see in. The difference, however, with the Optiviewer, is that it is a peephole which is suitable for wheelchair users, adults of smaller stature, and children. Finally!


Inclusive design is good for everybody.

The inclusive design wide-angle viewing screen of the Optiviewer can be seen from two to three metres away, which is absolutely more convenient for everyone. Even able-bodied users no longer have to press their eye to the peephole to see who’s waiting outside. The Optiviewer peephole solution sounds like it should be complex and require electronics or batteries, but the best thing about it is that the Optiviewer peephole requires none of these things! It is a peephole that can be easily installed, easily used and under normal conditions last for years.

I am so relieved that a peephole is finally on the market for people like me. I see it as a real breakthrough for the differently-abled, like myself, who have long had to cope with opening the door not knowing who’s on the other side.

It is a weight off my mind to know that a peephole has finally been developed that will allow me to protect my home and my person on my own terms.

Such a move forward in technology that acknowledges the existence of people who cannot use things that the able-bodied take for granted is a real step towards empowerment, and I see it as both a technological and political milestone.

I love my Optiviewer peephole and highly recommend it to all my friends and acquaintances, both able-bodied and differently-abled. Three cheers for the Optiviewer peephole Hip hip…


About ICU

The ICU design company is associated with the very successful hotel room management system manufacturer Systemteq Limited based in the United Kingdom and with manufacturing facilities in China. This relationship has provided the means and experience required for understanding the fundamental user requirements and the need for a durable low maintenance design philosophy to ensure years of trouble free use.

We at ICU have extensive experience in room management systems and related product design and manufacture providing the customer durable and reliable products that are fully tested to industry standards.


The Optiviewer’s patented multi-element prism system gives a very wide field of view and eliminates stray light, allowing the viewer to safely and clearly see who is on the other side of the door.

Thanks to its unique computer optimised, aspheric lens Optiviewer provides a large sharp image allowing easy recognition of facial details so that you can decide whether to open your door or not.

Optiviewer’s inverting prism and screen optics prevents viewing into the room from outside but you can clearly see who is outside.

Optiviewer is suitable and safe for commercial and domestic use, for young children and the elderly.

The product is easy to install and adjustable to fit standard doors made of solid wood or similar material.

Only normal ambient lighting conditions are required for a clear image.

For Wheelchair users best results can be seen at between 1-2 meters, from door


The Optiviewer would make a great Christmas present for anyone wanting to ensure greater security at home BUT it NOW on the RUS SHOP