Accessible tennis

Tennis court

A totally adaptable sport that’s inclusive for everyone

Tennis court


Tennis is a completely inclusive sport with everyone being able to participate in tennis in its full format or when adapted to suit anyones needs.

It really doesn’t matter if you are deaf, have a learning disability, use a wheelchair or are  visually impaired – anyone can get involved with this great sport.

Social play isn’t restricted to a particular type of tennis, disabled people can play against their non-disabled friends or family and take part in inclusive sessions and/or impairment specific sessions.

Tennis doesn’t just offer people the chance to develop their fitness and coordination. Like all sport, getting involved helps build social skills, confidence, self-esteem and independence and of course that competitive spirit.

That’s why the Tennis Foundation is supporting both coaches and venues to help them offer improved opportunities to disabled people. This includes people trying the sport for the first time through to elite performance as well as putting on competitions and major events.

Whether you’re just getting started, you want to compete in an event or would like information on Talent Identification, you can find out more via our website:

The Tennis Foundation

The Tennis Foundation is Great Britain’s leading tennis charity and our vision is a sport which is inclusive and accessible to every kind of community. Our aim is to provide opportunities to encourage people to both play and enjoy tennis, as well as to maximise their personal potential through the sport. We’re doing this by engaging all parts of the community, recognising diversity and promoting inclusion.

Through our focus on education and tennis for disabled people, we’re promoting tennis as an inclusive sport across a wide range of disabilities and we’re helping more people play tennis at schools, colleges and universities. We are working closely with the Lawn Tennis Association and a wide range of partners from across all sectors to deliver our vision.

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