Jackpen on Dragons Den


Really Useful Stuff spotted this nifty little pen a year ago ahead of its appearance on Dragons Den. While the Jackpen survived the heat of the den, inventor Andy Jewson and fellow director Gary Patterson sweated a little under the intense gaze and quizzing of the fearsome foursome.

Despite coming away without an investor the Jackpen got the thumbs-up from Peter Jones, Andy said of his experience “The den is actually quite small and you are stood very near the dragons, I was prepared for their interrogation but it was still nerve wrecking. Although we didn’t get a dragon, the feedback from Peter Jones was a fantastic acknowledgement. Since the show we have launched with other distributors in countries Japan and UAE for example and we are currently looking for a UK partner The Jackpen will be in a selected number of WHSmith stores from next week”.

For those that missed the show – Jackpen is a miniature ballpoint pen designed to store in the headphone jack of every mobile phone – the one thing we always have to hand. When you need a pen, simply reinsert the opposite way using your phone to write, voila! We’ve found that some of our customers who find it tricky griping a slimline pen find holding a chunkier mobile much easier too!

Get a Jackpen for £3.99