Jessica Joseph



Really Useful Stuff has a new member of the team

Hello, my name is Jessica Joseph.

I am 16 years old and I am studying a media course. I have joined RUS to help with their blog and social media strategy.

About Me

I enjoy Audrey Hepburn films, as she was a humanitarian who was passionate and really cared about her work in this area. I love to write about her and promote her life work. This is the link to my Audrey Hepburn blog:

I found her inspiring as I would really like to have a ‘voice’, however small it is, to bring about some change.

I have cerebral palsy which meant in the early years of my life I could not walk at all; having to use various mobility aids in order to move around.

I did not let this get in the way of my life however, participating in various different activities such as horse riding and dancing which are some of my greatest passions.

The medical bit!

In 2012, at the age of 14, I had a life changing operation called ‘Bilateral distal femoral extension osteotomies and patella tendon advancements’ which aims to treat the walking gait and muscle tightness in the knees and hamstrings. After months of physiotherapy and sheer determination to be in an upright position, the operation gave me a new lease of life and allowed me to gain a B grade in dance GCSE. As I lacked the ability to dance before, it became one of the biggest achievements in my school life. I regard the movement in my legs as a ‘gift’ which must not be wasted, and I need to work hard to encourage and motivate others to succeed, both able and disabled people.

I aim to promote a change in the world with regards to how disabled people are perceived within society, due to always being regarded as ‘different’ by teachers and my peers throughout my school life.

Through the use of social media in today’s society, I feel that we are pressurised to strive to be within a certain mould, both in behaviour and appearance. Our individual uniqueness is not embraced. Society has advanced in so many ways both medically and technically for disabled people, but perhaps not concerning the attitude of others. I would like to be a part of bringing about a change and being a voice for young disabled people.

Like all 16 year olds I enjoy makeup and fashion, and would love for disabled people to be ‘seen’….

By working with ‘Really Useful Stuff’ I can help raise the awareness of products for independent living, meaning every disabled person has the opportunity to live well more easily. I will use the blog to promote topical important issues and to campaign to change people’s perceptions of disabled people.

I would love to help people in this aspect; and to help them feel they have achieved a full life, and I would also hope for others to not have misconceptions about people with disabilities.

Finally, I will leave you with a slightly edited quote based on one of Audrey Hepburn’s:

I wish you peace; I wish you love and I wish change. Change the world we live to a better place. Help someone every day, even if only online. Be the change