Keep your iPad safe with fatframe


As mum to 2 children with ASN over the last few years I have been fortunate to experience the benefits that tablet technology affords my kids.  Many of the apps, games and videos available on the iPad unlocked communication channels and ability within my children that I had not seen before and for the first time gave my nonverbal son a voice. I was of course extremely thankful for this however…

The downside was that unfortunately my children didn’t appreciate the fragility of the iPad, (what pre-schooler does?). They couldn’t just throw it on the floor, off the table or indeed down stairs when they’d finished with it or when a meltdown triggered.

After two damaged screens and two expensive replacements plus a considerable amount of research into kid friendly iPad cases (we failed to find anything that ticked all the boxes), I decided to create a robust, bouncy iPad case and fatframe was born

With the help of other ASN parents and our little testers we created a wish list of everything we needed from an iPad case:

  • Lightweight so that it can be carried with one finger if necessary
  • Hardwearing but bouncy – so if dropped it will bounce
  • Soft and spongy – So if it is thrown at another child it is soft and squidgy!
  • Handles, for little fingers to hold and transport
  • Easy to access ports, but without covers that kids can bite off
  • Non-toxic material, as children like to chew and mouth things!
  • A robust stand that won’t break
  • An attachment that allows us to fit it into our car
  • Waterproof case so that we can take it to the pool or in the bath, without having to change the case


So with all this in mind at the end of February 2013 I set about designing and creating what today has become the fatframe iPad protection system!

The initial fatframe products were fatframe for iPads 2, 3 and 4 and the fatframe stand. We have since added fatframe air and mini for the iPad Air 1 and iPad mini 1, 2 and 3.


fatframe’s robustness can be seen with my daughter throwing her iPad around our garden (if you listen carefully you can hear me encouraging her, as she’s wondering why she’s now allowed to throw her iPad around!).

Our simple car attachment has also been launched, helping you by creating a simple and instant way to attach your iPad to a car headrest. You can also attach your fatframe to anything you can link Velcro through. Attach it to the branches of a tree to demonstrate on your iPad different types of tree. Attach it to your kitchen cupboard handles as you demonstrate to your children where sugar comes from. There are many uses….

fatframe in the car

Don’t just take our word for it, fatframe has been receiving a variety of commendations:

  • featuring in Mother & Baby and Prima Baby magazines
  • given a 5 star rating by Families magazine who said ‘we love it! and described it as the best iPad case we have come across by far!’
  • gaining 5 stars from mumsnet reviewers
  • Achieve magazine summarised ‘we love the new fatframe’
  • Autism Daily Newscast said ‘I heartily recommend both the case and stand. I feel that the iPad is protected, is safe and most importantly child friendly, thank you fatframe’

And those who have use fatframe on a day to day basis continually give us 5 stars:

I have had many cases for my daughter’s iPad and this one is by far the best. My daughter has severe non verbal autism and loves her iPad but doesn’t treat it very well. We are currently on her 3rd iPad due to her breaking it but since using the fatframe case we’ve had no issues. It works very well and I would highly recommend it. Lorette Urmston

iPad 2 has been thrown all over the place in this case and survived unscathed – the case itself is also made of very tough and robust materials that seem to last very well also. Martin Hamilton

The fatframe is perfect for my son who has additional support needs. Great to hold onto, made from excellent material. Ideal when he inevitably drops it – no damage. Thank you. Will be recommending to all my friends. Lynne McGregor.

We hope in the same way fatframe has helped our family keep our iPad safe and practical it can help you too.

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