Letting children be independent

Giddy Bowl

If your child happens to have a disability then the challenges of letting them eat independently can get messy!

Guest Blog: Philip Sykes. Director Gr8 Solutions

At Gr8 Solution we’re passionate about bringing you those little innovations that make life great – the ideas we all wish we’d thought of that add a dash of style, creativity and above all convenience to your day-to-day life, your holidays and your leisure.

The Giddy Bowl is one such invention that helps kids have fun whilst they eat, without the mess. Sometimes it’s a tough choice between letting children feed themselves against mopping up the spillages from the floor afterwards.

Giddy Bowl is a perfect great solution for parents who want to let their kids be kids.

What is Giddy Bowl?

This is an ingenious non-spill bowl. It has a simple quick release lid; carry handles and a rotating  inner bowl. It uses a simple idea to keep the inner bowl level no matter what angle your child decides it should be held at! It comes apart with an easy snapping action to make cleaning easy and hassle free. The outer part is a colander too, great for straining pasta or veg.

What does it aim to do?

The Giddy Bowl helps kids who need a little extra help to keep their food on their plate – or in this case in the bowl. Its kid proof 360-degree technology is of course really useful.

How does it work?

The giddy bowl is 100% kid proof. It is made with food-safe plastic designed to be rotated 360 degrees without spilling its contents. The outer bowl can rotate, flip and twist – but the clever inner bowl stays upright.

What are the main benefits?

It is 100% dishwasher safe, made from food safe plastics and lets kids eat their food how they want to without the spills. Great in the car, airplane, picnics or where ever you choose to take it.

And of course it doubles as a nifty little carrier for those little things around the home and office – no more dropping those fiddly things like nails, coins or paper clips.

In a nutshell?

It’s virtually indestructible – versatile and clever and fun!

This is a ‘must have’ product for anyone with kids to feed.

This Gr8 product helps children feed themselves, but there are many other great solutions from Gr8 that help make life a little easier which you can view in their online shop.


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