Living life with an Ostomy

Having an Ostomy needs to work with your life style, not stop it.

My name is Maggie and I run a YouTube channel to create awareness for Crohn’s Disease & Ulcertive Colitis.

Crohn’s Disease and colitis is annoying and frustrating so I’m trying to create awareness to get rid of it.

I make videos on YouTube about the disease, surgeries, ostomies, and eventually there will be more videos about things like Tube Feeding. Think of this page and my channel as a way to create awareness and also a way to help you deal with the disease while waiting for a cure. Living life with an ostomy needs to be made comfortable and discrete. How you manage your daily routine can be helped a lot by good clothing.

I have an ostomy and I wear Comfizz to help support me and of course make my ostomy more discrete.

I decided to model Comfizz to show they are really great products that help with managing your stoma and look great under clothes.  You can be confident your favourite fashion looks good on you without the worry of a mishap or big bulge showing under your favourite top.

These products are really great for sleeping in as it keeps your ostomy in place.

They are also really cool for swimming as they fit great under a swimsuit.

The material is totally breathable so you don’t get hot, the comfizz just wicks away the moisture.

Comfizz comes in lots of sizes and different ranges to suit your needs


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You can learn more about the Comfizz Range on the RUS shop


you can learn more about Crohn’s Disease in this Booklet which contains lots of Really Useful information from crohn’s and colitis UK.


Information on Crohn's Disease

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