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When gardening becomes difficult it can take the pleasure out of your garden

Guest Blog by: Guy Burtenshaw, Garden Press event
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There are lots of things that you can do to put the pleasure back into your outdoor hobby.

Have you thought of Table Gardens?

Table Gardens are the perfect solution for the gardener who finds it difficult to bend down to plant or tend to the flowerbeds.

Table Garden designs simply involve using a raised box bed and elevating it to the height that it’s right for you and can accommodate a wheelchair or kneeling stool.

Miniature table gardens are an attractive feature to any patio or garden area. Its best to use a lightweight organic-rich planting soil and as they can dry out you should consider installing a simple irrigation system.

There are loads of simple ideas and some really useful products that put the joy back into growing.

Here are just a few to get you thinking.

  • Raised beds for access to planting areas
  • Pulley system for access to hanging baskets
  • Integral drainage / irrigation system to help with watering
  • Heights and dimensions of garden tailored to your requirements
  • Low maintenance design including storage space at usable height Intended for use with shallow rooted crop plants that will not overgrow.
  • Accessible pathways

And of course there are lots of tools that can also make light work of gardening, for example:

A garden seat with wheels makes mobility easier for some gardeners, providing movement assistance on firm soil and paths.

Arm cuffs go around your forearm and attach to a variety of tools to help extend reach and increase leverage and grip. The tools available for attachment are trowels, forks and cultivators.

There are a great range of easy grip tools.

And don’t forget the hosepipe – which is difficult to coil and keep under control – you can now get a range of easy coil hosepipes.

So whatever your access need a garden can be designed for you – from great smelling flowers to add to the sensory pleasure to height adjusted flower beds to easy glide paths – don’t let disability or growing older stop you from gardening

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