Meet Noozie™: The UK’s new electric hot water bottle


Introducing Noozie™ Electric Hot Water Bottle – the safe and fast way to enjoy cosy heat without any contact with boiling water or kettles. Noozie™ has created the perfect companion for the winter months ahead, arriving just in time for Christmas.


Noozie™ Electric Hot Water Bottle is a pre-filled cuddly fleece heat pad which, once charged, can stay warm for 3 – 6 hours*. Its gentle heat combined with a soft luxury feel can soothe aches and pains, relieve stress and encourage a good night’s sleep.

Quick and easy, Noozie™ Electric Hot Water Bottle charges in 10 – 12 minutes. It is rechargeable – so you can warm it again and again without having to leave the comfort of your bedroom.

Noozie™ has eliminated the risk of burns posed by filling classic hot water bottles, whilst retaining all the advantages of being cordless: it can be used at home, in bed and on-the-go.

Speaking about the launch of Noozie™, Director, Anjali Shah said: “Enhancing comfort and wellbeing for our customers is our top priority. We envisage our product as a must-have for the home.”

“There are also some real practical benefits our product offers. For chronic pain sufferers and those less able to handle kettles, our product can go some way to giving someone little independence back. Not to mention the time-saving benefits it can offer people like busy new mums. There is nothing currently available on the UK high street quite like it.”

* Cooling time depends on how exposed the bottle is during use. Noozie™ can stay warm for over 6 hours when used inside a bed or under clothes.


Independently accredited in the UK for electrical and material safety, and boasting multiple safety mechanisms, you can rest assured that in Noozie™, you are using heat therapy you can trust.

A great lifestyle product and a brilliant, practical gift: Stay cosy this winter with Noozie™ Electric Hot Water Bottle.

Currently available in 3 colours – red, purple and blue.