Pianist Nicholas McCarthy – single-handed brilliance

Nicholas McCarthy since the age of 14 has been determined to have a career as a concert pianist. The world’s opinion was, being one handed – this was not the smartest of career choice.

However Nicholas, determined to be himself – proved that opinion be far from smart!

He went on to gain a place at The Royal College of Music where his historic graduation made world press in 2012, closely followed by playing at the Paralympic closing ceremony in London sharing a stage with Coldplay and the British paraorchestra.

Nicholas’ international concert career began in 2010 and has seen him tour South Africa, make his US debut at the Kennedy Centre in Washington D.C and address the entire Royal Albert Hall last September in a TED Talk as part of their Albertopolis celebration. So now he is Pianist Nicholas McCarthy – single handed brilliance.

Nicholas is following in the illustrious footsteps of Austrian Pianist Paul Wittgenstein who lost his right arm in the war but who was determined to continue playing.

Nicholas has reworked a classic First World War song in tribute to the veterans.

The song Roses of Picardy was a nostalgic song from the Great War era and brought comfort to soldiers in the trenches and their families back home.

In tribute, Nicholas is aiming to perform the Ravel Piano Concerto for Left Hand Alone in the Autumn and is looking to secure sponsorhip to promote the concert.

This piece is a stunning concerto and musically very striking and beautiful. It is played with a great intensity when played by a sole Left Hand Alone Pianist. Nicholas is the first one handed pianist to play the concerto since Wittgenstein in the 1930s. The last time it was played in Britain was at the Wittgenstein prom at The Albert Hall in 1951.

So its all very fitting as we remember the Great War.

A message from Nicholas to us all is … Be yourself – whatever the challenges!

To learn more visit the Nicholas McCarthy Website