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Help us be the best marketplace for products that make life easier.

We have created an online shop full of really useful stuff to make life a little easier for people living with disability.

What will you find?

A great selection of products and gadgets to meet your individual needs. These will range from cool stuff to help with fiddly things, like fastening your bracelets – to kitchen stuff to practice your master chef skills.


We also aim to build an extensive product range to help with reasonable adjustments at work and study as well a fantastic range for home garden and leisure.

We have also got a bug for sports and are keen to learn more about what people love to do – check out our blogs on Wheelchair  Dancing  Mountain Biking  Wheelchair Tennis and Powerchair Football (why not send us your blog)

We launched in July 2013 with just 10 products from a couple of brave suppliers who gave us a chance – now we have just over 1000 products to choose from.

We have added a second search filter so customers can search by category such as ‘Home and Garden’ and then filter that search by ‘My Needs’ to help find products that meet a specific requirement.

Why we are different?

We focus on the products and not people’s impairments. We are not in the business of giving advice or telling people what choices to make. We believe customers know what they want – we just aim to provide customers with what they want in one great shop. Disability is not our big thing – great product design and useful information is.

We are also a bit different because we welcome customer reviews and blogs to share lived experiences and great product tips.

Our PLATINUM suppliers get a LOT more as well. We provide social media support and added marketing value as we actively seek to promote products in our shop. We feature informative blogs and really engage on Social Media.


We can offer suppliers product testing, user feedback and consultancy advice. Checkout out Really Useful Solutions Division

We have a panel of over 500 amazing disabled and older people who help assess the customer journey from many big companies. If you would like to join our panel why not register today.

Read more about our Story and how it all began…

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We will donate 1% of total revenue to charity based on customer voting.

And of course we are registered in the UK, pay our VAT in the UK and pay our Tax in the UK !