Introducing – A ‘Really Useful’ App Idea

The team at Really Useful Stuff have designed a prototype App that we hope will enable people to tag like and share anything that is useful or useless in relation to inclusive design.

Take a look at our short YouTube video and let us know if you ‘like’ it: Please do like, comment and share with your friends and networks as we would love your feedback.

The Really Useful App

Many young disabled people feel empowered to speak for themselves when their access needs are not met. The law is on their side and there should be no excuse for business failing to provide an inclusive customer journey.

Young people are much less inclined to turn to the traditional ‘charity’ route to do their campaigning – they want to act for themselves.

The Really Useful App offers an instant voice to anyone wanting to share anything that is either REALLY USEFUL or REALLY USELESS

By tapping the app the user can record what ever they find useful or useless, they can take a photo and share out their message on their favorite social media network.

The data from the app will feed into our home page creating unique new content in two feeds useful and useless. RUS will then promote great ideas and useful feedback and will nudge organisations providing anything less that a useful service.

This use of social media empowers the voice of young disabled people who are more than savvy enough to shout out for themselves. The advantage of doing it through a single App is that it aggregates the power of the consumer voice behind a hash tag (#) creating momentum for social change.

The Really Useful Application is simple

  •  Load the app for free
  •  TAP on one of two button options USEFUL / USELESS
  •  TAP on one of 5 options what you are reporting on
  •  Stuff
  •  Service
  •  Solution
  •  Attitude
  •  Experience
  •  Something else
  •  Say what you are reporting on in 140 characters
  •  Add a photo or video
  •  Share

We hope you like our idea and think it is ‘really useful’!