Recite Me making Gatwick airport website more accessible

Recite Me

London Gatwick launches language and accessibility web app

By Catherine Grinyer Big Voice Communications

Recite Me

London Gatwick, the world’s busiest single runway airport has added recite me cutting-edge accessibility and language software to its website, making it the first airport in the UK to provide this service for passengers.

Around 12 million people in the UK, or 1 in 5 of the population, have a disability and would benefit from greater customisation of website content whether its changing the font size, colour contrast or having the content read aloud.

Globally Gatwick Airport serves around 200 destinations in 90 countries with over 38 million passengers a year, one of the main reasons the airport has included the multi- language features also provided by the Recite Me app.

Successfully running on, Recite Me’s accessibility and language software allows website visitors to access the website in the way that best works for them. The technology is Cloud-based so it works on any platform and works especially well on mobile devices.

Mandie Armstrong, Digital Communications Manager, said:

With 38 million passengers passing through our doors each year it is vital that we provide accurate and up- to-date information on our website.

Having the Recite Me app means we can better meet the communications needs of our disabled passengers as well as those passengers whose first language is not English.

More and more of our passengers are accessing our website via mobile devices and smartphones, this app is Cloud-based and works wherever our passengers need it to work for them.

Ross Linnett, Recite Me Founder & CEO said:

Accessing the latest travel information on your tablet or smartphone is something many people now take for granted; but if you have dyslexia or a visual impairment, this is something you might not be able to do.

With Recite Me toolbar web users can do a variety of things such as increase the font or change the colour contrast settings or have the text read aloud.

As someone with dyslexia, having the option of the computer reading web content to me is the difference between me engaging with your business or not.



About Recite Me

Recite Me has a great team of developers and advisers who are there to help improve your organisation’s website accessibility. Based in the Cloud, Recite Me is quick and easy to implement and works across all devices. Put simply the web accessibility software solution transforms the accessibility of any website by adding one line of code to your website. The implementation of the Recite Me solution is simple, fast and effective. Visitors to a website then have a full-range of customisable options available to them at one click of the Recite Me button. With our integrated statistics tool we can tell you how many of your web visitors have used Recite and how long they have spent on each of your pages.

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