Secure Sit and Slide Sheet from Emsec Easy Move Sheets

Easy Move Sheets

Give yourself independent movement in bed once again. With a Secure Sit and Slide Sheet you can move more easily in bed and get in and out of bed safely and easily.

A simple to fit bottom sheets with a centre panel of low friction, ultra smooth, satin fabric for maximum slide and ease of movement in bed and grip fabric at the sides for secure sitting on the edge of the bed so enabling a safe grip when moving. There is also grip fabric at the foot end  – for feet to push against to assist turning in bed.

  • Easy to understand and fit.
  • Secure sitting both sides of the bed, helps in preventing falls.
  • Firm fit to the mattress, will not come un-tucked through the night.
  • Available for all mattress sizes and will fit adjustable and profiling mattresses.
  • Easy Care.
  • 70% Polyester 30% Cotton.
  • Machine wash 40C , quick to dry and no need to iron.

    Easy Move Sheets Image

Since the Secure Sit and Slide was launched last Autumn the interest from customers , OTs and other care professionals has  been growing rapidly.

The Secure Sit and Slide Sheet is one of a range of Bed sheets designed to improve movement in bed from Emsec Easy Move Sheets. The Easy Slide Fitted Sheet is a low friction Satin Sheet and the Easy Turn Fitted Sheet has all the benefits of and Easy Slide Sheet with the advantage of a grip panel at the foot end to aid grip when pushing with the feet to turn.

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