Seven Families Initiative

Mary Ann Rankin

Have you lost your income due to a life changing illness or injury? The Seven Families Initiative maybe able to help

Mary-Anne Rankin

If you have lost your income due to a life changing illness or injury you could be a considered as a beneficiary of a scheme called the Seven Families Initiative

The Income Protection Task Force (IPTF) has launched ‘Seven Families’, an industry initiative aiming to show income protection (IP) and its benefits at work to the wider public.

The scheme, in partnership with Disability Rights UK, will help seven families to function despite the breadwinner not working because of sickness or accident severe enough to keep them off work for the foreseeable future.

This scheme will provide a tax-free income for one year to seven families where an earner is no longer working because of a long term sickness or accident and has not benefited from a related insurance payout.

Disability Rights UK will be managing the Seven Families Initiative and as well as financial support, the recipients will benefit from rehabilitation and counseling services to help them back into a productive life either in their old job or one more suited to their new circumstances.

Peter le Beau, chairman of the IPTF, said: “This project is not in any way to criticise the Government’s approach to welfare or to make a grand political statement, it is just intended to show a situation people need to know about and that hardly anyone does.”

The Seven Families Initiative is about real people and it has a simple message at its core; which is that income protection cover can make a huge difference to people’s lives when they really need it.

It’s a great initiative and I’m helping to find the seven families.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in learning more, please contact me as soon as possible. Everyone is keen to get the project up and running.

These are the criteria for applicants:
• preferably, but not exclusively, aged 20-45
• life changing impairment in last 5-6 years
• having lost their income because of an illness/injury
• hoping to return to full/part time work
• particularly those with children
• residents of the UK
• not currently pursuing an insurance claim in respect of their injury
• prepared to be videoed at different stages of the project

Please contact me Mary-Anne Rankin email: