SmartCRUTCH A really useful invention


Learning to walk on crutches can be a real challenge to balance and coordination – they can be quite literally a pain in the neck!

Guest Blog

Colin Albertyn, the Inventor and Developer of the smartCrutch


I had a biking accident – I snapped my Achilles tendon, which proved a painful healing process involving the use of crutches. It was only when I was forced to use the crutches I was given that I realised just how difficult they were to use and that basically they were just a bad design.

What I needed was a more viable crutch, one that worked with my bodies needs not against them.

The problem with standard issue crutches is that all the weight is on your forearm and you are expected to load all the weight of your body onto a small surface of your hand.

We came up with a system that would spread the body weight in a more even way over a larger surface area.

The crutch is fully adjustable so it can be personalised to your own specific need so that you can choose the most comfortable position.

It’s a very simple solution to a very common problem.

The SmartCRUTCH is also much better for anyone who also has a wrist injury as it can be positioned to take the strain off the wrist.

How does smartCRUTCH work?

  • Maximizes comfort through even distribution on hands, wrists and forearms.
  • Fully adjustable to meet personal comfort and mobility requirements.
  • Enhances comfort and maximizes load displacement.
  • Ergonomic Grips are offset 7° to ensure stability and comfort.
  • Specifically designed left and right hand grips.
  • Fully adjustable, modular design, User variation and customization.
  • 3 point forearm length settings.
  • Hourglass-shaped foot maximizes surface contact.
  • Durability

The smartCRUTCH design utilises the benefits of the forearm crutch concept, while reducing or eradicating the direct forces on the hands and wrists. This is achieved by allowing the user to adjust the angle of the forearm platform, reducing or increasing the amount of weight load to the hands and wrists. Transferring the pressure to the forearm reduces or potentially eliminates injuries commonly found with the use of standard underarm or forearm crutches as stated to the left. smartCRUTCH also helps reduce fatigue, relieve stress and maintain a proper posture, paving the way for speedy and safe rehabilitation.

“This improvement in design of the crutch is more user friendly… and is an exciting development.” Dr Etienne P. Hugo (Orthopaedic Surgeon)

You can buy your SmartCRUTCH on the RUS SHOP