Sole Mate insoles – nothing to lose but the pain!

sole mates

Sole Mate insoles ‘float the foot’ on a cushion of glycerine that displaces to spread your weight across the whole foot.

Guest Post by Chris Fitzpatrick

sole mates

Do you have foot or back pain or poor circulation?

Sole Mates are a clever yet simple invention. The unique design absorbs pressure, helping to reduce foot, knee and hip pain. The fluid supports the arch, reducing back pain, whilst massaging the foot, boosting circulation to legs and feet.

sole mates

Unlike foam or gel, you can’t compress a fluid, so it won’t flatten when you stand on it, it simply displaces across the foot. Because it won’t compress it doesn’t need to be bulky meaning that as it takes up very little room in the shoe. In fact they’re so thin they can be worn in any type of shoe – even high heels.

Here are a few examples of how Sole Mates can help

How do Sole Mates help Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is damage to the Plantar ligament which runs from the heel to the ball of the foot and draws the bones to create the arch in the foot. If supported the ligament is fine, if not, it can stretch and tear, leading to fallen arches. If the ligament is torn from the heel, it causes severe pain in the heel area, similar to that of a bruise, and is known as Plantar Fasciitis or, more commonly, Policeman’s Heel.

The problem is becoming more and more common because modern shoes have little or no support and we tend to walk on hard, flat ground. Consequently the ligament is getting pressed down, pulling at the ends and causing tears. The initial rip in the ligament is usually quite small and is often not even noticed, it is when it tries to heal itself and then we stand on it that the pain is more intense. This usually happens after a person has sat down for a period of time or when they get up in the morning. Once they stand up, because the tear has only had a short period of time to heal, they pull on the ligament and rip the tear open again which is extremely painful, much the same as ripping a scab off a cut.

Because the fluid in the Sole – Mates® insoles squeezes up under the arch of the foot, this protects the ligament from tearing and usually relieves the pain straight away allowing a person to walk in greater comfort.. While this helps to relive the pain our insoles also help to heal the tear if the are worn all the time. To stop the ligament from been torn in the morning, we advise people to put the insoles in a pair of slippers next to their bed, when they wake up they put the slippers on BEFORE they stand up and the insoles protect the ligament, allowing it to continue to heal. The massaging action then speeds up the recovery process by increasing the supply of oxygen to the damaged tissue.

How do Sole Mates help Bunions?

They lift the foot arch & relieve stress on the cords that align the big toe. These cords can become stressed & cause the big toe to turn inward & a bunion to develop on the joint. The dynamic fluid action of Sole-Mates relaxes the toe & relieves the stress on the bunion as well as providing a soft platform for the bunion whilst walking.

How do Sole Mates help Lower Back Pain?

Our shoes tend to throw us forward, this is because the heel is higher than the sole of the foot. Because the head weighs a quarter of your body weight the head is now pulling us forward and it’s the muscles of our lower back that have to strain to keep us upright. The fluid pushes up under the arch tilting us back to our correct posture so the weight of the head now goes down the spine relieving pressure on the muscles.

How do they help Fallen Arches?

Because fluid has no shape, it moulds to the individual foot, providing support to the arch as well as the heel and ball of the foot. This is because a persons weight pressing down on the heel and the ball, forces the fluid up under the arch with the same pressure, lifting and supporting the arch naturally without the use of a hard orthotic. This lifts and supports fallen arches and relieving the pain and pressure on the knees that they can cause. By lifting and supporting the arch the fluid helps spread the weight more evenly across the whole of the foot, relieving the pressure points on the heel and the ball and making walking a lot more comfortable.

How do they Increase Circulation?

The constant movement, pushing the fluid backwards and forwards across the foot, gently massages the muscles in the foot. If you massage a muscle it increases the circulation, bringing more blood and oxygen to the legs and feet, helping reducing tiredness caused by standing or walking over long periods of time. Trials in the US on liquid orthotics showed that, if used for six hours a day, the average increase in circulation to the feet and lower legs was around 53%, a significant increase if you’re on your feet all day.

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