Speakset – A really easy way for older people to stay in touch.

What’s the issue?

Social isolation is at epidemic levels among over 65s in the UK, with more than 3 million older people going more than a week without seeing a friend or family member – and more than a million going more than a month.

Lack of social contact has been found to be as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day – increasing the need for costly and often inefficient care from the state.

Speakset want to revolutionise the way older people can engage with easy to use technology to stay in touch.

What is Speakset?

Speakset is a new easy way for the older generation to engage with technology using video calling through the TV. It is ‘really’ easy to use. Being designed specifically for older people, it plugs into any TV and is operated by a simple remote control.

What does it aim to do?

Speakset aims to boost well being and reduce social isolation among this group by giving older people a video link to the outside world.

How does it work?


It arrives with contacts and settings pre-loaded. Just plug in and make a call.

By combining a simple technology box with a person’s TV set, Speakset allows older people to keep in contact with friends and family. The TV is a familiar household appliance and one that holds significantly less fear that a computer for many older people

What are the main benefits?

The set-top video-calling device allows older people face-to-face contact with anyone anywhere in the world using the TV in their own home. Speakset subscribers’ friends, family and professionals can connect with the individual for free via the internet.

Over 65s are less likely to be online than the rest of the UK population and the SpeakSet set-top box and user-interface were developed following user-feedback with over-65 year olds, after trials in care homes and private homes. As well as letting family members call from anywhere in the world, Speakset means medical professionals can deliver remote health consultations in the home, and organisations such as Age UK can use the tool to provide support services such as ‘social phoning’ befriending schemes to isolated residents.

In a nutshell?

Speakset combats loneliness and isolation in old age by turning an older person’s TV into a really simple video calling device giving face to face with their loved ones and carers wherever they are in the world.

This is a must have product for anyone with elderly family members and is available from our ‘really useful stuff’ shop.