Stairlifts. A price on mobility

An affordablein house mobility option

An affordable in house mobility option

An affordablein house mobility option

No price can be put on your freedom, but unfortunately the fact of the matter is that there is often a price on mobility.

When it comes to mobility aids and assistance in the home, all too often people are forced to endure restricted movement and even, at times, the prospect of having to move from their home just in order to move about freely.

Thankfully, however, mobility aids such as in-house stairlifts are more affordable than ever before and with new technology and design comes even better prices for those that need them most.

For an even more affordable in-house mobility option, reconditioned stairlifts can offer everything you need for a fraction of the price. When choosing a refurbished stairlift be sure to choose one that is fully factory refurbished and comes with at least a two-year warranty to ensure you are purchasing a product that will last and be as safe to use as a brand new model.


One of the most alluring aspects of a reconditioned stairlift is the price. Being a considerable amount cheaper than a new product, you are still getting the freedom of independence in the home with less of a dent in your wallet, making the whole process as stress-free as possible. Try and choose a company that will offer a price match promise as this ensures that you are getting the best price possible; typically this means that a company guarantees to match any price you find elsewhere for the same product and service, including reconditioned stairlifts of comparable quality.

What’s more, the best stairlift manufacturers offer reconditioned stairlifts that come with a brand new tailor-made track to suit your particular staircase. Because every home is different it is important to make sure your stairlift will stand the test of time and work for you and your home, which means finding a provider that will come and assess your home and make sure you are receiving a mobility aid that will work and fit your lifestyle and home.

Whether it be a straight or curved stairlift, designed for staircases that trail round a corner, a reconditioned stairlift may be a surprisingly affordable option and help you avoid moving from the home that you love. Sometimes moving is an unavoidable reality, but until this time, don’t let your mobility prevent you from living where it is that you choose.

When purchasing a stairlift you are also purchasing a service, where the manufacturer should ensure that you are getting the right product for your individual needs. From the initial consultation through to the ongoing support after the installation of your stairlift, make sure to research the manufacturer that you choose to guarantee a superior level of service that will, in turn, leave you with a product that you are 100 percent happy with.

To find out more about Age UK Mobility stairlifts, their range of reconditioned stairlifts and superior customer service, just visit the website or give them a call on Freephone 0800 566 8742.

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