TabToob iPad cover. Protection from robust use!

Tab toob

Guest blog from Liz Beattie.

Inventor of Tabtoo

We came up with a solution that protected the iPad when dropped whilst being light and easy to hold.

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The TabToob was originally designed by me for the kids in the school where I work. I work with kids that have all kinds of difference and whose world is full of bumps and tumbles. iPads are really wonderful accessible learning aids for disabled children but they are also expensive items which don’t take to kindly to being dropped.

TabtooWe have thoroughly tested TabToobs on our own iPads. They have been bounced downstairs, outside, on slate, on wooden floors, thrown from head height and off tables. They have been bitten, bashed and dribbled on.

We still have our original iPads intact and are very thankful that tabtoob does such a good job.

How do we make the TabToob

The TabToob is made from EVA material, which cushions the iPad from damage when dropped. It gently bounces the iPad away from any damage.

Corners and front face of the tabtoob are raised providing targeted protection for iPad screen, corners and sides

The flexibility of the EVA means that the iPad is held snugly inside the tabtoob

Ports, cameras and recharging points are exposed rather than covered by fiddly flaps

EVA is smooth and wipe able

The TabToob weighs only 227g and adds no extra weight to the iPad

The chunky protectiveness means that it is an easy comfortable grip and the EVA is able to yield to the firmest of grasps whilst maintaining shape and function

We believe you should support kids to access learning & exploration apps inside & out without worrying about expensive damage from accidental dropping.

It is designed to be used in Outdoor schools, primary, secondary & SEN education

Heres what a few users had to say …

We got a TabToob off you for my daughter Amy a while ago – I cannot tell you what a success it has been. I am not exaggerating when I say it has changed her life …. having the case has allowed her to use her iPad2 independently, so THANK YOU!

My 7 year old severely autistic granddaughter and her 5 year old brother are able to make extensive use of their Ipad 2 contained within a TabToob, without their parents or me having to worry about it being dropped etc. The only trouble is it is too popular! Luckily however my granddaughter is probably going to be granted an Ipad 2 of her own because it facilitates work to meet her special needs. Therefore we shall need a second TabToob.

When out & about the TabToob wins hands down for me” – Nursery Owner

Endorsed and recommended by MENCAP, Autism UK, CDKL5UK as best iPad protective case :)

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