Telorion (accessible smartphones for visually impaired users) launches Winter Pre-Sale Offer: £100 off all solutions!

Telorion LogoTelorion designs specific solutions for visually impaired users to easily benefit from all the possibilities of a smartphone.

With the development of touchscreen phones, devices with points of reference on the screen (physical keypad) are increasingly hard to find, or remain very simple and therefore do not offer access to the countless possibilities that technology can now provide.

Telorion phones aim to offer the ease-of-use of a classic physical keyboard phone along with the advanced capabilities of a smartphone.

Through lists menus and a removable elastomer keypad, the user can access a wide range of functions and applications within a completely vocalized and accessible interface:

  • All the functions of a smartphone (phone, SMS, emails, GPS, calendar, alarm, notes, voice recorder, book reader, radio, news, mp3, etc.)
  • Specific vision aid applications (electronic magnifier, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), colour and light sensors).

Two specific products are available:

  • Telorion Vox (all-in-one easy-to-use talking smartphone with a keypad)
  • Telorion Zoom (magnification and flexible vocalization for a reading comfort never experienced before)

Telorion’s pre-sale offer brings the prices down by £100 until 31 December 2013

Telorion Vox or Telorion Zoom package: £500 instead of £600 for the software and keypad, with a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone
Telorion Vox or Telorion Zoom software: £160 instead of £260 for the software and keypad

You can get an additional £50 off (to share) if you refer a friend! Get in touch with RUS or Telorion for more details.

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