Calling all Twitter account holders!

Is it useful?We would like your help with sourcing ‘really useful stuff’ for our online shop via Twitter.

If you find something that is ‘useful’ for #IndependentLiving we would like you to tell us about it.

We would also like to hear about anything you have tried and found ‘useless’ for #IndependentLiving.

Why? Because we want you to start using the following hash (#) tags to warm you up for something MUCH BIGGER!

So how does it work?

Well that’s simple, you find something useful that helps you live more independently and tweet us (@RUStuff) with a link to the product you find ‘useful’ and include the hash tag #RUSeful in your tweet.

Similarly, if you find something really useless just include the hash tag #RUSeless within your tweet to @RUStuff with a link to your ‘useless’ product for daily living.

The Really Useful Stuff team are putting something top secret together at the moment and you are going to find it ‘really useful’ – Watch this space and get tweeting.

If you don’t already follow Really Useful Stuff on Twitter you can find us here.