There’s nothing like a bit of Powerchair Football to get the adrenaline going!

Adapted from the worldwide game, Powerchair Football is the fastest growing sport in the world. It provides the opportunity for disabled people to participate in sport. The game is played in modified wheelchairs that have bumpers to hit an oversized ball.

Powerchair football is similar to the running game but it has some rule variations to make the sport as competitive as possible and it is played on indoor basketball courts.


Manchester Powerchair Football Team

Manchester Powerchair Football Club – with our Head of Supplier Engagement, Phil Allen

What about the rules?

Any Powerchair can be used to play, but most competitors have sports powerchairs which help protect the players feet and improve contact with the ball.

‘The Striker’ is the original Powerchair Football attachment. This is designed for, and suitable to use on the majority of Powerchairs – it is also fully adjustable.

The Pitch must be hard and smooth and of course level for easy maneuverability.

The ball is 13-inch football.

The team is made up of 8 players, with 4 players on the pitch at any time. One of these players must be the goalkeeper. A team can have as many substitutes as it wants – giving more players the chance to take part.

A match is 40 minutes long. This is played in two 20-minute halves, with a 10 minute break.

Tackling is only allowed with the bumper, if any other part of the wheelchair is used, a foul is called and a free kick awarded

Only 2 players from the defending team may enter the penalty area at any one time.

It’s a fast and furious game full of thrills.

People who wish to join the team should contact John Gilmore on 07973 522204 or you can email John here.

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